Create the cutest Christmas Dino bow with these FREE festive hats!

How fun are these quirky Dinosaur Christmas Bows!!  If you already own either the Dina Bow or Bronto Bow templates then you can now create the cutest Christmas Dino bows using these FREE festive hat SVG's especially designed to fit!

Included are 4 pre-sized Christmas hat designs, including Santa and Elf hats.  Simply choose the design you like most and delete the others. Use the included dino heads to help with sizing and then cut and glue to your Dina or Bronto bow (sold separately).  If you want your hat to be double sided, simply mirror and cut 2 and sandwich your dinos head in between.

Both the Dina and the Bronto bow are original Maisie Moo template designs. Please do not

Find the Dina bow template - Here

Find the Bronto bow template - Here

Remember to share your fabulous creations in the FB Group - Here

Free festive hats can be found - Here


1 comment

  • Brooke Tubbs

    Never disappointed with a maisie moo design

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