Maisie Moo Felt Pattern Library

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Are you a fan of hand stitching with felt? If so, you'll want to check out Maisie Moo's Felt Pattern Library. Every single felt pattern I have designed is included, there are hours and hours of enjoyment to be had.

What sets Maisie Moos Felt Pattern Library apart?

Maisie Moos offers a wide range of unique and simple felt patterns that you won't find anywhere else. From adorable animals to baby mobiles, there's something for everyone in this extensive library.

Why choose Maisie Moos Felt Pattern Library?

With Maisie Moo, you can be confident that you're getting high-quality, professionally designed patterns that are easy to follow and guaranteed to turn out beautifully.


Super Sticky Mat

I love my Cricut Purple StrongGrip mats. There are a must for faux leather, esspecially my EasyCut designs.

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Premium Fine Point Blade

So worth paying a little more for the premium Cricut blade, it cuts better and for longer and is total must.

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My favorite tool by far!

I love the Cricut spatula, it is perfect for pressing down faux leather during a cut. If you see any lifting simply whip out this handy wee tool to save the day!

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Lobster Claws and Split Rings

This is such a handy wee set, perfect for keychains or coin purses.

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