Supply Recommendations


I totally recommend KAMsnaps® for their superior quality. I have found out however many other manufacturers call their snaps KAM snaps... even though they are not. The best way to avoid getting caught out is to purchase direct at the website. Judy the owner has created a starter kit, which contains pliers and a selection of regular and long prong snaps... everything you need to get started on those Maisie Moo Designs that need snaps... There is also heaps of useful information and videos on the website too.

USA - Here
UK - Here
Australia - Here


There are loads of options for faux leather online.

I love the leather from Jewel Box Supply - Here

If you are a member of my FB Group simply search #fauxleatherrecommendations under the search bar and loads of great recommendations will pop up too!



If you are gifting or selling your Maisie Moo goodies then you might like to create a display card or box.  It pays to use a heavy card stock or kraftboard.  This guides is so useful to working out they measure the weigh.



You can find bow clips and key chain hardware locally in craft stores or online at Amazon or Etsy too.

These are Lobster Claw Key chain clasps -



Page is a work in progress.. please contact me for advice or suggestions on what to list on this page. Ria

Super Sticky Mat

I love my Cricut Purple StrongGrip mats. There are a must for faux leather, esspecially my EasyCut designs.

Find at Amazon

Premium Fine Point Blade

So worth paying a little more for the premium Cricut blade, it cuts better and for longer and is total must.

Find at Amazon

My favorite tool by far!

I love the Cricut spatula, it is perfect for pressing down faux leather during a cut. If you see any lifting simply whip out this handy wee tool to save the day!

Find at amazon

Lobster Claws and Split Rings

This is such a handy wee set, perfect for keychains or coin purses.

Find at amazon